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music by John Ervin Brooks

words by Natalie Stewart Elder

Big Wig's Tenth Annual Drag-a-thon is in full swing, and the gay community of Potpiss, Louisiana has flocked to the bar for the festivities. The evil Penis Fly Trap, reigning queen of Big Wig's, is usually unchallenged. But this year, a mysterious young queen named Ruby Roxxx enters the competition. 

Aided by a jazz-singing trio of magical Fairy Dragmothers, Ruby gives Penis Fly Trap a run for her money. But can Ruby win the Drag-a-Thon, steal Shannon's heart, and break the curse of Big Wig's in one night? And what will happen when Ruby's mother finds out she broke curfew? 


The Ballerina Kitties

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photo cred: Sam Horvath

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music by John Ervin Brooks

words by Natalie Stewart Elder

additional music & lyrics by 

Austin Nuckols & Stefan Melnyk

Imagine the Millennial version of Seinfeld. Now imagine it set to classical music. 

#ADULTING is a series of operatic sketch comedies about a group of four 20-something kids trying to figure out how to be grown ups. Drew has to become more patient with his friends, Ruth needs to be less dependent on technology, Tony must master basic life skills, and Bucket... well, maybe Bucket has it all figured out. 

photo cred: Shutter and Soul Photography


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